Grilled Salmon Kebabs

Salmon Kebabs

Grilled Salmon Kebabs

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November 5, 2018

  • Prep: 28 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 4 Servings
Salmon Kebabs


Begin by heating the grill to medium. Spray the grates with olive oil.

In a small bowl, mix the spices together. This includes the red pepper flakes, cumin, sesame seeds, and oregano. Set the mixture aside.

Next, take the salmon filets and cut it into 1 inch pieces. Take the lemons and slice them into very thin rounds.

Then you will grab the skewers (make sure they have been soaked) and beginning with the salmon thread the salmon chunk followed by a thin folded lemon slice. Thread the skewers so that salmon is at the beginning as well as the end of the skewer.

This should make 8 full skewers worth. Then spray the salmon with olive oil spray. Season the salmon the the spice mixture and a touch of salt.

Lastly, toss the kebabs onto the grill and allow to cook for about 8 to 10 minutes. Grill until the fish is opaque throughout. Make sure to turn occasionally to avoid burning. Enjoy!


2 Lemons

1 1/2 lbs Wild Salmon Filets

2 tbsp Fresh Oregano

2 tsp Sesame Seeds

1 tsp Ground Cumin

1/4 tsp Crushed Red Pepper

1 tsp Salt

Olive Oil Cooking Spray

16 Bamboo Skewers (soaked for 1 hour)


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size2 Skewers